Correction Services

What is it?

Atención de Incidentes

Incident attention

Expert analytical capacity to identify the cause of the incident, implement corrective containment actions, investigate and analyze evidence and implement preventive actions to avoid future events

Benefits of Our Incident Attention
  • Dealing with security incidents in a timely manner translates into a reduction in the quantitative and qualitative impact of the materialization of the risk.
  • Making an accurate diagnosis of the causes of the incident allows your organization to prepare to avoid future events.
Análisis Forense

Forensic digital analysis

Service for the collection, investigation, analysis and preservation of digital information that constitutes evidence of security incidents and / or fraud, with the aim of clarifying their origin.

Benefits of Our Digital Forensic Analysis

  • Having an expert ally in forensic analysis makes it easier to manage the evidence properly for possible legal purposes.
  • Performing a digital forensic analysis makes it possible to clarify possible fraud events.


Frequent questions


Do we have to be an ALIGO customer to access corrective services?

It is not necessary, the process can be carried out individually, the formalization process will be executed in parallel to the activities; prior approval of the client.


In the case of loss of information due to incidents that are reported, can the information be recovered?

Restoration or recovery procedures are applied, however 100% effectiveness is not guaranteed.

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